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Additional features:

If necessary, the boilers are equipped with mechanical fuel system - auger for scraping and for a small fraction of briquetted. Perhaps boiler equipment to the individual needs of the customer, taking into account the specific conditions of installation, as well as the development and manufacture of modular boiler "turnkey" capacity from 0.2 MW to 10.0 MW.

The manufacturer does not rest on its laurels and is constantly improving products, creating a more modern and attractive design, improve technical and ergonomic features of boilers, expanding the range of equipment. New (with the times): The latest developments introduced a system of distribution of supply air flow under any kind of fuel, making boilers more universal. In 2010, PE firma "Retra" has developed and started the production of composite solid fuel boilers "Retra-4M Duo" adapted to work in two modes:In the automatic feeding of small fraction of fuel in the form of pellets of different kinds of wood, peat, peel, seed and meal, loose fuzy, sawdust, straw, etc. In manual load of firewood, coal, fuel briquettes, straw and other packaged krupnofraktsionnogo fuel.  Boilers "Retra" - high-tech and yet very simple and easy to use. The design is based on the original development, confirmed by numerous awards. Some technological innovations are unparalleled. The company's products have long been recognized experts and is in constant demand of consumers.

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