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The company "Retra" marked in 1998 the beginning of the production of heating equipment creating simple, but it turned out to be surprisingly successful and reliable boiler for heating own production and administrative building. This firstborn of 100 kW heat gave nearly 15 years and remained quite efficient when it was changed to the upgraded. The difference in the level of heat dissipation, form factor, and a method for controlling the appearance and represent the complex and impressive way of development of the company. Step by step improved, as separate elements, and the structure of the boilers in general, were searching for optimal thermal performance. During this time, several modifications decided heaters, focused on the use of universal and spetsializovanyh solid fuels. Do not remain without attention every detail, all searches are aimed at achieving maximum efficiency to improve efficiency, reliability, aesthetics and ease of use. At the heart of our products are original designs, confirmed by numerous patents and the right to receive recognition in Ukraine and abroad. Thus the mainstream of contemporary trends in the development of Thermal Engineering We go its own unique way.

In 1998, we acquired administrative and production building with total area of ​​1070m2. in the order of barter We have acquired two boilers KCHM-50kW. nachadili, Nadym bunch but I did not get the expected heat. So sorry for themselves and forced the need to construct a simple, but as it turned out to be surprisingly successful and reliable boiler capacity of 100 kW. The design of the boiler was put thought: "Everything that comes in contact with fire should be water-cooled".  This allowed the use nedorogostoyuschie materials such as sheet steel, for which the water temperature is 95 degrees - very comfortable. Today, the first-born of 18 years. Because the manifestation of interest in our neighbors to the solid fuel boiler and the requests to produce the like omnivores boilers, it was necessary to design and manufacture the line of hot water boilers for all fuels.

By the year 2000 it has been developed and implemented in the production of boilers with power from 22kW to 280 kW called "Retra 1". Initially, the idea was laid to burn all kinds of fuel on their own boiler to determine teplokaloriynosti each fuel type, number of bookmarks in the furnace, as well as the time of combustion. This allowed to improve the design of boilers with a view to their versatility. By 2004, the range was Advanced boilers from 22 kW to 700kW, called "Retra-2M". The basis of the design was based on the idea of ​​the cocoon of air in the combustion chamber allowing maximum take heat for heating the coolant water in the heating system. In 2008, this design has received a certificate for an invention №25839, and in 2009 a patent for utility model and a certificate to the sign on the product №110917.

Using the experience gained the idea adapts to any type of fuel by redirect the flow of air for combustion. 2011.12.12 he received a patent for utility model №654. This year, the nomenclature has been produced boilers Advanced from 18 to 1150 kW. At the same time we have developed a combined solid fuel boilers "Retra-4M Duo" product line from 25 to 1150 kW. These boilers have a fuel tank screw feed small fraction of fuels in the boiler furnace while maintaining the handmade bookmarks. In 2012, it was designed samoochischayasya, water-cooled nozzle-burner (for boilers from 200 to 1500 kW) for burning small fraction of fuels (wood chips, wood pellets, coal peas). Designed scraping fuel supply system and the system of mechanized warehouses, nabrasyvateli fuel to feed auger and scraper.

In 2012-2013, the range has been designed for domestic boilers "Retra - 5M" and "Retra - 5M Plus" from 10 to 32 kW. These boilers are protected against power failure by means of draft regulator. Currently, intensive work is to supply a full range of mechanized equipment fuel depots, equipment, fuel supply to boilers, boiler piping, supply shut-off and regulating systems, flues and chimneys, support structures, remote control systems. organization of production of modular boilers from 200 kW to 10,000 kW. organization installation teams and commissioning works for the purpose of "turnkey" thermal power complex staff training. Currently, "Retra" produces 58 types of units from 10 to 2000 kW full equipped.

Our goal - full automation of thermal power complex in which the role boilermaker is transformed into the role of operator.

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