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Heating boilers for solid fuel "Retra" - economical equipment that is unique!
Nowadays energy market leads to the search for alternative sources of heating. This was one of the first reasons why specialists of the enterprise "Retra" undertook the latest development in the field of equipment. Today we have a groundbreaking invention - tech solid fuel boilers "Retra-3M", which is designed for central heating of housing and industrial premises. "Retra-3M" - is equipment which by their technical and economic parameters is unique and remains out of competition. In addition, our manufacturing boilers can be equipped with circuit heating water for household needs.

So, as we were able to create such lucrative boiler? We wanted to make equipment that does not depend on expensive energy sources and significantly less than it consumes. Instead, the fuel for this boiler was available to serve anywhere in the raw material. And we did it!
Omnivorous solid fuel boilers "Retra"

Fuel for boilers "Retra-3M" can serve as a low-grade coal and peat, peat briquettes, sawdust, pellets, firewood, wood chips, straw, waste paper and the like. That boiler works on what mass is thrown in the trash. Thus, the efficiency reaches 93%!

This boiler saves costs 3 times per heating season! Moreover, users of boilers "Retra" claim that he pays the same in just one heating season.

Proven quality

Enterprise "Retra" in the market for over 20 years. During this time the boilers for solid fuels our production gained recognition not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Company participated and won in numerous competitions for the purchase of solid fuel boilers, modernizing and equipping the boilers.
We received bids Kivertsi RSA Department of Education, Department of Education and Science Stone-Kashira RSA, DSA Brody and other public institutions. Boilers "retra" established in many schools, hospitals, private homes, greenhouses, small and large manufacturing plants.

However, this innovation boilers "Retra" is not over. On our other achievements, refer Goods.
The head office of the company is in. Exactly, dealerships located in all regional cents Ukraine. (See. Representation).

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