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"Profitability - First and unbeatable advantage boilers" retro-3M ".

Users boilers "Retra" noted that in one heating season boiler fully pays for its price! The second advantage - that is unparalleled "omnivorous" which is the ability to use as fuel any cheap raw materials. As they say, the heat makes everything burn. And this despite the efficiency of which is, depending on the type of fuel, 93%!

Note that other manufacturers of solid fuel boilers more demanding in this respect, because use traditional fuels, particularly coal and anthracite varietal.

The third feature is the absence of any restrictions when choosing owner type, shape and volume of fuel depending on the weather, financial and other conditions. Indeed, why use expensive natural gas and rising prices depend on him if you can take the wood processing plants for the low price of sawdust (if desired - mix them with coal) and get a great result?

Boilers "Retra-3M" is possible (and advisable) to replace the old boilers (type "Universal", "NIISTU", "E-1/9" and others.) Set in parallel with the existing (including gas) as there are no contraindications to use them together with the already boilers other models. The wide variability of nominal capacity from 10 to 2000 kW allows you to choose the appropriate model based on specific needs.

Public recognition.

For 12 years in the market of heating equipment boilers "retro" gained popularity both in Ukraine and abroad. Enterprise "Retra" repeatedly participated and overcame many bids for the purchase of solid fuel boilers. Bids at different times were taken Department of Education 19 regions of Ukraine and other state institutions. At this stage of developing multiple projects on one of the bridge's heating Lviv, Poltava and Chernivtsi regions.

It is interesting to know :)

Nordic countries (except Russia) very little use natural gas for large areas of sparsely populated by lay and maintain pipes unprofitable. Buildings inhabitants of these countries are very well insulated, and for their heating they use three types of fuel: electricity, diesel fuel and special wood - firewood / briquettes. If it is on the optimal choice in our case, the first two positions, because of the high cost, we will bypass attention. But tree, forest resources, forest belts, parks (wood, which in prevention clearings often burned on site or remains unclean) is of great interest. Why not use them for the benefit of themselves and the environment? ...

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